Your Nutritionist In Your Pocket

For Professionals

The Concept

Bring the quality of communication between you and your clients to the next level.
Give your clients exactly what information they need to change their health, all through their smartphone
Tailor your strategy to each client through key insights into their lifestyle, eating habits, motivation, and self-reflections

For Individuals

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Available for free on the Apple App Store, and coming soon to the Google Play Store!


Pair it with a nutrition coach or use it on your own

Envitic is designed to fully support both clients of coaches, and individuals on their own journey

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Access real time and actionable support like never before


Seamlessly track and understand your lifestyle


Log your diet in the most convenient way possible. No more counting calories!


Get instant evaluations on how well any food fits into your personalized diet


Uncover insights about how your habits affect your health


Stay focused on the most actionable parts of your lifestyle


Receive personalized support from a professional nutrition coach

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